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Priority Mail International® will still be available for international shipments.

They’re a massive money laundering organization providing a gateway for every corporation and foreign government to outbid the best interests of the American people.Thanks to all the super sleuths sifting through files. Here is Jacquelyn Lopez using the words “pay to play” to describe donations to Obama for America which is now Organizing for America. Has more friends than I in high-up places in the finance world.This is also the same day she knowingly lied to the faces of their parents blaming the attack on an anti-Islamic video.With the goal of making the customer experience of shipping with the U. Postal Service® an easy one, the Postal Service™ announced that it is updating its domestic Priority Mail® and Express Mail® services ( .The scheduled delivery day will be reflected on your payment receipt and in your USPS Tracking™ information.

As of July 28, 2013, the Postal Service™ will be providing day-specific delivery information for Priority Mail.In addition, domestic Priority Mail will now include, without additional charge, either or 0 insurance for loss, damage, and missing merchandise*.I’m going to try to describe new revelations from the DNC leaks in the most unbiased way possible. The amount of corruption is overwhelming so we’ll keep an updated list of highlights here as they’re uncovered. Jeffrey Leeds said Hillary could “barely climb the podium” while Powell described how bad she looked after her busy schedule of collecting money. He was the Illinois governor sentenced to 14 years after attempting to sell Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat. They’re a “pay for play” black market for the buying and selling of political influence and U. They’re everything we feared cloaked by a layer of celebrities, pop stars, and smooth-talking politicians offering hope and change. Ivanka Trump Trump Foundation #maga #trump #trumptrain #hillarysemails CT00l6W — Mary Poppins ️️️❌ (@imtheweatherman) September 14, 2016 POWELL SAID HILLARY LOOKED SICK Apparently Colin Powell has been trafficking in “dark conspiracy theories since 2015.Apparently, you can buy an ambassadorship to your country of choice. He confirms that there is no way it’s just analysts’ opinions for that earnings spreadsheet, every friend he has on the Street would kill to be as accurate as they (the DNC) almost always were. HUMA MOCKS BENGHAZI Here’s Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, giving credit to Hillary for sparking “peaceful” protests.This is the same day she attended the coffin ceremony for the four Americans she let die in Benghazi.