Updating golden tee location

Hit a hole-in-one or holeout over 100 yards on your game?If so, you were offered the ability to upload this Golden Tee Great to You Tube™.

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If your game is in need of service, or you have questions regarding installation, registration, troubleshooting or more, please contact us at [email protected]

If you aren't currently an owner—or you simply have questions regarding the game, delivery, setup and more—be sure to check out our FAQ below.

FAQ Q: What comes with a Golden Tee Home Edition purchase?

A: When you purchase a Home Edition game, you'll get the Showpiece cabinet, the marquee identifying the game, and an HDMI cable to connect the game to your HDTV of choice.

If you’ve purchased a month or year online subscription with your service, your game will come online ready. Most bars typically use a 42" flat screen, but the size is up to you.

If you're looking for a way to mount your television, you can contact us to find out more about IT's official Showpiece stand.

Track your stats, contest history, all-time bests, averages and more. If you'd like order a new Golden Tee LIVE Player Card (with no past stats), you may do so here.

By logging in to your Golden Tee web account, you can monitor your gameplay progress on your Golden Tee Home Edition. If you already have a Golden Tee LIVE Player Card, but are in need of a replacement—which will keep your past stats, clothing and achievements—you can reorder a free Player Card on your Web Account.

A: If you already have a HDTV in place you can hook up your Golden Tee when you want to play and still watch your favorite sporting events when you're not playing.

The Showpiece is moveable and can be tucked away if/when you decide to move it.

A: The Showpiece cabinet weight approximately 160 pounds.