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You definitely don't want to wear something that is too distracting. You don't want it to appear like you care for fashion too much.

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“We’ve found that many geeks feel the need to put on a secret identity just to impress their matches.We believe you should not have to disguise yourself as Clark Kent just to find a date.Instead, we want folks to feel comfortable in their own skin and be themselves on Dragon Fruit.The badges rely on users picking their nerdy fandoms, from so the app can determine people’s level of ‘geekdom’.While the options are pretty stereotypically geeky, the more users identify with, the higher the level of nerd – which to potential dates might be make or break.

There are niche dating apps for anyone and everyone.Finding dates with fellow dog lovers, men with beards and others working in the death profession has never been easier and, now, there’s a dating app uniting the nerds among us.Women can't resist a well mannered, sharp dressed man and it's definitely essential to be well groomed when you are meeting someone for the first time but you also want to give someone a reason to see you again.So here are 10 things you should never wear on a date to avoid looking tacky or douchey.Here you go: Lone mustaches scream douche baggery and women find them a bit creepy. They are somewhat making a comeback but it kind of shows that you are a sarcastic person and either A.If it's attached to a beard that is something entirely different but you don't want to look like a village people creepy look-a-like the first time you meet someone. A really big goofball not to be taken seriously or B. Either way, it's best to avoid a bow tie altogether.