Japanese men dating black women

I’m a black woman who has always been attracted to guys of different races, but growing up in a segregated city in the Midwest, there weren’t many Asian people around, so I never even thought of liking Asian guys until I was about fifteen.

Perhaps it started with all those Hong Kong action movies I began watching with my mom.

I was a bit nervous, but no sooner than I had grabbed a beer, a nice Taiwanese man who happened to be standing near me began chatting with me.

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When I arrived, I was pleased to see that all the guys were pretty attractive.

I was also relieved that there was a good ratio of males to females, so we wouldn’t have to fight over all the hotties!

My friend, a Vietnamese man who likes black women, had been listening to my boyfriend drama for the past few months and he thought this would pull me out of my funk. At first I wondered if it was too contrived to specifically try to meet Asian guys, but then I thought, “Hey, if you want Mexican food, then you go to a Mexican restaurant,” so to speak.

And at least at an event for black women and Asian men, I wouldn’t have to worry about the guys not liking black girls!

In this intimate setting, we were free to be ourselves with no stares and judgments from outsiders, and no one, black or Asian, felt the need to fit any stereotypes.

In four years of high school, there were only three Asian kids at my school, including a cute Chinese boy that I ended up having a crush on in tenth grade, but he transferred to another school just as we were becoming friends.

As an adult, I dated a few Asian guys and had been interested in meeting more, especially since I was studying Japanese and Korean, so a few years ago when a friend of mine invited me to party he was hosting at his house for black women and Asian men, I was all for it.

Here’s an excerpt: She met her husband, Shinobu, about three years into her tenure here, at a less than auspicious place — a bar — where apparently somebody ‘d (pulled)somebody. But I remember thinking, ‘He’s a good dancer and he seems like a nice man.’ He called me a few days later and the rest is, as they say, history.” Asked whether she ever imagined she’d wind up living and loving her life with a Japanese man, Avril told me emphatically she did not.

“He feels that he was nampa’d” she tells me, giggling at the memory. “I really felt like Japanese men were not attracted to black women, specifically,” she says, “because I didn’t know any black women that were dating Japanese men. In fact, when I first came to Japan, there were very few black women around, period.” Enjoy! Loco PS: Signup for my Locohama Newsletter to be kept up on all the fascinating things going on in this part of the world, and a lot of Special Content I have coming up…

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